Tell Me I’m Good: The Sunniest Moments From An Introspective ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

Several of you guys have been pointing out that there’s a kinda/sorta farewell tour feel to the eighth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’ve seen where you’re coming from but haven’t actually felt it until this past episode, when the gang further explored their idiosyncrasies with Dee’s therapist (as portrayed by the always excellent Kerri Kenney of Reno 911! fame).

That doesn’t mean “Gets Analyzed” wasn’t still highly enjoyable. When Sunny goes to its playbook and draws up a situation where the gang interacts with a sane third party authority figure it’s never not good times. The running theme of needing/using said person while constantly undermining and belittling their professional skills never fails TO delight me. Same goes for Dennis playing the Ivy League card. I can’t wait to meet someone who went to La Salle so I can tell them it sounds like a pasta dish.

Until then though, the Sunniest moments…

The Cooperative Dinner Did Not Go Well

Enter the premise of this psychoanalytic quasi-bottle episode: Dishes!

Conflict Resolution Priorities

The Fat Mac Mystery Begins To Unravel

I know what you’re thinking: That’s almost impossible. But remember: Through god all things are possible. Jot that down.

Also jot down “Size Pills,” the real culprit behind the disappearance of our beloved builder of mass. Mac’s pen issues unrelated.

Between oral fixations, “more bigger,” a slight to female doctors, and misplaced god talk I have to deem Mac’s session the best session, although an argument can certainly be made for Charlie’s…

Charlie Defines “Charlie Work”

“Basement stuff, cleaning urinals, blood stuff, your basic slimes, your sludges. Anything dead or decaying, I’m on it. I’m dealing with it.” And at it’s core Charlie loves it, which I think we all kind of knew.

I enjoyed Charlie’s definition of weirdness as well, but it was just a summation of all the weird things we already know about Charlie, except for the cat hair and dead pigeon in his pocket, of course.

Frank Was Sent To A Nitwit School Upstate

From the pistachios to the frog kid to being unzipped, I’m 99% certain Danny DeVito ad-libbed this entire scene.

Dennis Gets His Freud On

I enjoy everything about exploring Dennis’s narcissistic/sociopathic personality. Just when his delusions of academic grandeur almost seem plausible there’s the big reveal that he’s as demented as the rest, if not more so. “It’s very generous.”

It Should Have Been Dee Making Out With Gosling In The Rain

So of course Dee’s entire motivation for going to therapy was to get validation for her acting skills. Was it that hard?

The Reynolds Triplet

That can’t possibly be true.

The Pheasant Wasn’t That Divine After All

Two dead pigeon reveals, savings, a haymaker, and he didn’t have to do the dishes? Charlie = Biggest winner.