Watch As Profits Soar High As A Crow: The Sunniest Moments From Last Night’s Greedy ‘Always Sunny’

After half a season of subtle and not-so-subtle callbacks last night went in a different direction. The only real wink I picked up on was the Fight Milk (FIGHT MILK!) labels being made out of Mac’s re-purposed bicep/dick flyers from S3. That being said, “Franks Back in Business” may have been the Sunniest episode of the season thus far. Scamming, backstabbing, willing yourself to have sex with a tiny Asian boy, you name it. Some quick hits before we get to it:

  • I hear warthogs’ necks are so thick they can’t be hanged.
  • Coor Light Sunny placement vs. Miller Light SOA placement: who ya got?
  • Joel Murray really shouldn’t be allowed to guest star in anything unless he pees his pants.
  • Vic Vinegar would excel at so many professions, needs to launch his own douche line.
  • Kaitlin Olson should be required to do one accent per episode.
  • I’ve enthusiastically referred to a good meal as “the tits” for years now and it pains me to admit that I’ve never thought of making that statement literal. Touché, Warthog. Touché.

The Sunniest moments…

The 24 Hour Rule To Lost Wallets

A gang has to have a code.

Dee Is The Best At Boner Exits

A possible callback to “Later, boners.” Regardless, I want a lady in my life who knows exits like Sweet Dee does.

Frank Knows How To Cut The Crust Off This Sh*t Sandwich

Frank channeling his inner Gordon Gekko is priceless for so many reasons. I was kind of expecting Michael Douglas to stroll in at any moment and engage Frank in a Greed Off.

Dennis Gets His Sociopath On
Everyone has the desire to Talented Mr. Ripley someone at some point. But not everyone has what it takes…

Charlie Speaks Their Language

I for one think the Japanese businessmen appreciated Charlie’s translation efforts. And were also intrigued by Philadelphia’s crow potential.

Fight Milk!

I heart everything about the alcohol and crow egg infused power drink so here are some highlights from Mac (bodyguard) and Charlie’s (Charlie) pitch.

So What Happened To The Real Brian Lefevre?

The Fight Milk pitch was a tough act to follow but the tale of Brian Lefevre’s death by alley stabbing and consequent identification of the body was about as close as you can get to nailing it.

In conclusion: Dennis gets off, Dee fails to (chicks amirite?), Frank sells Atwater, and — fingers crossed — this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Crowtein. Oh yeah, all peripheral characters lose their livelihoods. Just another classic Sunny misadventure. Above GIF set via.