9 Things We’ve Learned About The Gang In Season 9 Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

I’ve long maintained that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia can seemingly go on forever seeing as how the show doesn’t concern itself with character development or romantic attachments and never runs the risk of writing itself in a corner. As long as Sunny focuses on the reset button whims of a group of delusional miscreants it is eternal. Season 9’s excellence has been quite a testament to this notion, but that doesn’t mean it’s been completely devoid of new revelations about The Gang at Paddy’s Pub.

So now that Season 9 has gloriously come and gone, let’s take a look back at the most important things we’ve learned this season and all the inappropriate fun we’ve had along the way.

1. In “The Gang Broke Dee” we saw a lot of Dee, but we learned the most about Dennis, and his compulsive need to keep his twin sister under his boot. A look back at The Game-style payoff engineered by Mac, Charlie, and Frank…

Followed up with, “He might go kill himself…”

Really tells the whole story.

2. In “Gun Fever Too, Still Hot” we piece together why Dee’s pursuit of higher education didn’t work out.

3. In “The Gang Desperately Tries To Win An Award” we learn The Gang can pull off meta and that Mac isn’t all that great at playful banter. Oh, and he’s most definitely had an orgasm.

4. In “Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare” we learn that Charlie is perpetually stressed out. 157 units worth.

5. In “Mac Day” we learn The Gang is thinking what everyone else is thinking with regards to Mac’s sexuality. The season’s biggest revelation.

6. In “The Gang Saves the Day” we learn that Charlie dreams in wonderful, wonderful animation.

7. We learned A LOT in “The Gang Gets Quarantined.” We learned that everyone is an alcoholic, that Charlie does the best Eating Gilbert Grape, and that The Gang is the world’s finest Boyz II Men cover band. But most of all we learned that Dennis has superpowers.

8. In “Flowers for Charlie” we learn that despite his illiteracy, Charlie is the best at math and science. Even if the super smart pill was a placebo.

9. And in “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6” we learn–  via the allegory that is “Lethal Weapon 6” — that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is, at its roots, “A love story between two men.”

Great work, Gang. Here’s to Season 10 providing just as much “testosterone driven, male-skewing, action melodrama.”