Alyssa Milano Returns To The Cover Of ‘Maxim’ For The First Time In 15 Years

Like a lot of dudes in my age bracket, Alyssa Milano was my very first celebrity crush. I had her pin-ups on my wall back when people still had pin ups on their wall. She is also timeless, surviving child stardom after Who’s the Boss, and even more impressive is that she survived Shannon Doherty in Charmed. Most of her counterparts have fallen by the wayside, but Milano perseveres. She’s even in some new summer show, Mistresses, that I hear is terrible but that guilty pleasure junkies are eating up.

Now she’s appearing on the cover of Maxim. From E! Online:

The 40-year-old sizzles on the cover of Maxim in an open plaid top with sexy short shorts. Her toned legs and tight tummy look just as fit as they did when she first landed on the magazine in March 1998—which was 15 years and one adorable baby boy ago!

Forty years old? She still looks fantastic. Here’s the current cover of Maxim and her last appearance on Maxim in 1998. You can also check out the rest of the photos on Maxim.

(Source: Maxim Magazine)