‘Boondocks’ Mastermind Aaron McGruder Is Developing An Alternate Universe Tale For Amazon

We may be living in a reality that Uncle Ruckus would love, but Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder is hard at work on the alternate reality that he’s crafting for your streaming needs. Welcome news, really.

Deadline reports that McGruder is developing his own alternate universe drama for Amazon with Straight Outta Compton producer Will Packer also participating in the project. Details of what the “alternate universe” will be have not yet been disclosed, so use this opportunity to fantasize a bunch of silly or exciting universes for the show. (You’ve earned it.) Deadline‘s use of the word “drama” seems to suggest something heavy. Weighty subject matter is nothing new to the cartoonist, although the shift to a more traditional drama project presents some exciting new directions for McGruder on television.

Amazon’s success with The Man in the Castle shows there’s a willingness from the business giant to go dystopian and disturbing in subject matter, including in the realm of alternate realities. McGruder’s previous offerings like The Boondocks (in TV and comic strip form) and Black Jesus have never been afraid to be provocative and challenging to viewers, so this could serve as an ideal pairing. There’s loads of promise to this project even with the limited information of what it will be in its completed form. We’re intrigued to see what the end result will be.

(Via Deadline)