‘SNL’ Used Jeff Bezos And Amazon To Mock Donald Trump

Amazon announced earlier this week that it would build new headquarters in Queens, New York, and Washington, D.C. suburb, Arlington, Virginia. Jeff Bezos, as played by a very smug Steve Carell, explained that the location choices had nothing to do with trolling, humiliating, or overshadowing Donald Trump.

In a video featuring a posters of Toad from the Mario video games, Kim Jong-un, Vlaidmir Putin and a drone with a bad wig, Bezos explained that he’s much richer than Trump and again, his company’s location choice was totally coincidental. Trump has been a constant critic of Amazon and has forced Bezos to respond on multiple occasions. Here’s Bezos via Newsweek:

“The fact that I can look up almost anything on Wikipedia in 5 seconds is an unbelievable capability that just simply didn’t exist 20 years ago,” he said. “And so on and so on. But we’re also finding out that these powerful tools enable some very bad things, too, like letting authoritarian governments interfere in free democratic elections in the world. This is an incredibly scary thing.”

And via USA TODAY:

“It is a mistake for any elected official, in my opinion – I don’t think this is a very out-there opinion – to attack media and journalists.”

The president is also a regular viewer and critic of SNL, so it will be interesting to see if he ignores this one.