You Need To Stream These 2017 Movies In 4K Ultra HD

Watching movies while cozy on your couch with your own snacks and blankets is becoming an increasingly appealing option compared to going to a movie theater. Besides, with the advances in tech that are now widely available and a ton of great stuff out there that you should watch on your Amazon Fire TV in 4K Ultra HD, the picture quality you can have without dealing with the sticky floors and tall dudes blocking your view makes the decision that much easier.

Obviously, you also have more options to choose from when streaming from home, but finding that perfect film can make that bounty seem like a chore. Enter UPROXX movie expert Miri Jedeikin. In the above video, Miri breaks down some of the best bets for film fans that are eager to stream a visually and emotionally impactful movie right now.

From The Lost City of Z and its distant jungles and stunning locations to the satiric take on the Middle East with War Machine or a little girl and her super pig in Okja, there are a ton of original streaming films that have won fans while generating a ton of buzz. And it’ll all look great in 4K Ultra HD on your Amazon Fire TV.