Amazon Prime Adds HBO And Cinemax To Its Amazon Channels Service, But For A Price

Between Taylor Swift’s announced television channel and Netflix’s decision to finally allow subscribers to download and watch some programming while offline, cord-cutters are finding their market saturated with options. Such is the case for Amazon Prime users who, for a little extra money per month, can add premium cable channels and other streaming networks to their “Amazon Channels” feature. Now users who require regular doses of shows like Westworld and The Knick can watch both (and more) since HBO and Cinemax have entered the fray.

According to a press release, Amazon Prime subscribers can now add HBO and Cinemax to their Amazon Channels selection for an additional $14.99 or $9.99 per month respectively. Each add-on includes access to original programming, as well as the many recent and popular films each channel currently possesses the exclusive television rights to broadcast.

“HBO has produced some of the most groundbreaking, beloved and award-winning shows in television history. Their selection of blockbuster movies is unsurpassed, including hits like Batman vs. Superman, The Revenant, and Deadpool,” Amazon Digital Video vice president Michael Paull said in a statement. “Prime members can now watch the latest episodes of the critically-acclaimed Westworld and Game of Thrones without the need for a cable subscription.”

Previous premium channels made available to Amazon Prime users include Showtime and Starz, as well as streaming-only services like NBC’s comedy-centric SeeSo and other fare. With the addition of HBO and Cinemax, over 80 video subscriptions are now available for subscribers to add as they see fit — thereby reducing the need for paid cable at home. Whether or not the new ease of access will help Westworld fans understand what the hell is going on, however, remains to be seen.