All The Best Answers From Amber Nash’s Reddit AMA

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Reddit had questions and Amber Nash supplied answers on Tuesday as she submitted to the interrogation dorkout that is a Reddit AMA. Was there talk of gyro humping? Count on it!

The Archer star (she’s the marvel that’s brought Pam Poovey into our lives) fielded user queries while promoting her new live action series Hart of America. “It’s got murder, sex and a weed smoking Bigfoot, you know something for everybody,” she explained while nudging potential viewers to check out the first episode. Colin Mochrie shows up on the program at some point which should be a big plus for all the MochrieManiacs here.

The bulk of the talk was about Amber’s animated alter-ego, but there’s also some excellent barf anecdote action too. Granted, that also kinda circles back to Pam Poovey, but let’s quit blabbin’ and give you cherrypicked good stuff.

Worried that Judy Greer (a.k.a. the voice of Cheryl/Carol) isn’t fun to work with? Don’t worry, Amber confirms she’s swell!

Judy is super fun and full of energy and kooky for real. Adam has gotten to know us all better over the years and really writes the characters for us more than ever. So I do feel like a lot of that comes from Adam knowing what Judy is capable of. I love Cheryl so much too!

Amber thinks a certain screen legend would be the ideal choice to play Pam in a live action Archer adaptation.

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