AMC Decides To Remedy Their Ratings Woes With More ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC might have a solution to their programming woes following the end of Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Sadly, it’s not more Low Winter Sun or Halt And Catch Fire. Instead, they’re returning to the well for another spin-off, this time for their mega hit The Walking Dead.

What could this companion series hold? Who is it going to follow? Could this mean a return for The Governor? Are we going to get a show from the zombie point of view? Who the hell knows. There aren’t a lot of details at this point aside from a peek into the world of The Walking Dead from a different location. From Cinema Blend:

Here’s what we know about the upcoming Walking Dead companion pilot. Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert and Dave Erickson are all involved with The Walking Dead and will all executive produce the new pilot. In addition, Erickson is signed on as the showrunner for the pilot, which is fitting considering he co-created and co-wrote the pilot. Shooting is expected to begin before the end of the year, and AMC President Charlie Collier did give us some hints about the premise, noting that “fans have been curious about what is going on in the zombie apocalypse in other parts of the world.” If the new pilot does take a more global look at the universe, it would be a smart move, as there would be infinite potential to market the series around the world.

Without a title or a premise, there’s not a ton to go on, but we do know that both Erickson and the better-known Kirkman are thrilled to be a part of the new pilot and to bring more of the Walking Dead universe to the small screen.

Well at least we won’t have to worry about a crossover with the main series, at least not at this point. A fresh view might be good for The Walking Dead, a show that I felt kinda dragged last season despite its high ratings.

The spin-off makes perfect sense for the network considering The Walking Dead is the top show by a large margin. Better yet, the ratings are still rising, having popped each year since its debut back in 2010. Robert Kirkman talked up the prospects for a spin-off in a press release:

There are many corners of The Walking Dead universe that remain unseen in the shadows. Being given the opportunity to shine a light into those corners and see what lurks out there is an absolute thrill. I know the fans are anxious to hear what Dave and I have been cooking up for this new version of The Walking Dead, and I’m happy to be one step closer to sharing it with them.” (via)

One thing is for sure about this brand new show, it’s sure to feature a lot of stalling. If the main show is a hit with a complete half season devoted to walking to its next location, I can only imagine how they’re going to milk it for a new show.

What do you think is going to happen? Speculation is all we really have to go on right now, so I say guess away. I’m hoping for a crossover episode with Better Call Saul, making for one very weird and wild Halloween. I picture it being like those theme Disneyland or Hurricane nights they’d have with NBC or ABC sitcoms. The glory days.

(Via Cinema Blend / CNN / Quartz)