AMC Lamely Enlists 'Mad Men' In Its Fight Against the Dish Network

If you are a subscriber to the Dish Network, first of all, why? If you’re going to bother with a satellite, subscribe to DirectTV. At least you have the option of the NFL Sunday package. That said, Dish subscribers are facing the prospect of losing the AMC network if the cable provider and the network do not figure their crap out by the end of June. That shouldn’t affect the airing of the “Mad Men” finale on Sunday (although, the channel has been moved around the dial to make it more difficult to find), but that hasn’t stopped AMC from running the ad over there on the right in the Wall Street Journal in an effort to force the Dish Network to concede.

“You Should Be Getting MAD,” the ad reads. “Tell Dish that you’re really MAD.” For a network that prides itself on quality, original programming, that’s one of the lamest ads I’ve ever seen, and anyone who is not already familiar with AMC might take one look at it and decide never to bother.

The real concern, however, is not “Mad Men.” If their differences are not ironed out by July 15th, the poor bastards who subscribe to Dish may face the possibility that they won’t have access to “Breaking Bad.” So, rather than use a lame “Mad Men” print ad, viewers should call upon an arsenal of “Breaking Bad” options. Indeed, a couple of “Breaking Bad” GIFs splashed around the Internet ought to get the point across in the way that Dish will understand.

I’d go with something like this: