AMC To Marathon The Entire ‘Breaking Bad’ Series Before The Finale

09.21.13 5 years ago 15 Comments


If you don’t have Netflix, need the commercial breaks for quick cat naps, and aren’t caught up with and/or haven’t even started on Breaking Bad, but you want to be part of the biggest cultural phenomenon since the series finale of Lost, AMC has you covered. Beginning on Wednesday (September 25th) at 8 p.m., AMC will be airing the entire series, back to back. The marathon will go non-stop from Wednesday night until late Friday night, which will bring the series to the end of the fourth season. After over 48 hours of no sleep, you can then take a long 24-hour nap, and pick up season five on Saturday night, September 28th, beginning at 11 p.m., when the series will run the final season (5a and 5b) leading straight into the 75-minute series finale.

From the AMC press release:

“We want to appropriately honor this remarkable series by delivering the ultimate, most immersive experience for Breaking Bad fans,” said Charlie Collier, president, AMC. “From a five-day marathon featuring every episode across all five seasons, to an unforgettable finale rolling immediately into an expanded one-hour Talking Bad after-show, we are so proud of Vince Gilligan and everyone associated with this show, and believe this is the perfect way to send Breaking Bad from our air into television history.”

There will also be all sorts of interactive and Twitter stuff going on during the hours leading up to and through the finale, if you’re into that sort of thing. More importantly, the Chris Hardwick Talking Bad will air immediately after the series finale and will feature Vince Gilligan, Aaron Paul, Giancarlo Esposito, Jesse Plemmons, RJ Mitte, Jonathan Banks and Jimmy Kimmel, because why not?

Low Winter Sun will not air until 11:15 that night, because who the hell cares about Low Winter Sun?


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