‘Preacher’ Shares A Devilish Look At Cassidy Ahead Of An Extended Sneak Peek With ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

04.09.16 3 years ago

Deep down inside we are all really just nerds waiting to express our inner nerdom and AMC is absolutely willing to bank on that. As a part of AMC’s vision to corner the nerd culture market they are launching a series based on the cult comic hit Preacher. While Preacher‘s premier is still more than a month away on May 22nd, every sweet, sweet morsel of information that they drop along the way has gotten fans of the comic into hotly-contested discussions throughout the internet. This Sunday it will be no different as a preview of the character Cassidy is set to drop during the broadcast of Fear the Walking Dead.

AMC dropped an image of Cassidy via the show’s official Twitter in what will for sure spark some debate somewhere.

AMC’s promise to give an extended glimpse into Cassidy, an Irish vampire and best friend of the main character Jesse Custer, will of course be no different. Expect long Twitter and Facebook debates over the authenticity (or lack thereof) of the small screen depiction of Cassidy, while expecting hype for Preacher to once again reach a fever pitch. The bloody, mature tale of a conflicted Texas preacher who ends up inhabited by a strange being while on his quest to find God should fit right in alongside AMC’s all-star line-up of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and The Night Manager.

(via AMC)

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