Everyone Showed Up For AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Final Episodes Premiere, Even ‘The Crystal Ship’

Not that I’m GPS tracking Aaron Paul or anything, but I’m almost certain he went directly from his “bitch” usage tutorial on Conan to party with his castmates in front of the old RV at AMC’s Breaking Bad final episodes premiere in Culver City. Tie/suit combo is a dead giveaway.

There were no shortage of familiar faces arriving in front of cameras to celebrate the impending Breaking Bad finale, although “everyone” might be a little misleading as Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt weren’t in attendance (I choose this was due to some sort of “DAMMIT MARIE!” complicatoin) and there were no Badger (aka Matt Jones) or Huell (Lavell Crawford) sightings. I’m not sure how you celebrate anything without those dudes around.

Let’s take a stroll through some choice imagery, all via Getty Images.

Aaron Paul upon arrival: “Champagne me, bitch.”

This is just a good cast/showrunner photo.

Anna Gunn has eight episodes to improve the statistics.

Ladies and gentlemen, the anti-showrunner.

Of course Gomie showed up.

As did Gale (aka David Costabile). Poor, poor Gale.

RJ Mitte and actress Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. Well done, RJ?

So weird to see these two smiling.

The newlyweds.

How is Brock doing?!?!

Todd is Landry. Landry is Todd. Correct?

Holy sh*t, Skinny Pete.

So weird to see Bob Odenkirk not in Saul’s wardrobe. Also, Lydia smiling.

That’s just good premiere-ing.

Miss you.

Slightly less awkward than dinner.

Henry Francis for some reason. Go AMC!

But Henry Francis has nothing on Jillian Michaels randomness. This requires explanation. Current theory: Huell’s trainer.

Two weeks away, folks.