‘American Dad!’ Is Moving From Fox To TBS

Being an American Dad! fan is to constantly have to explain why you’re a American Dad! fan. Whereas opinions like “Archer is one of my favorite shows” or “Yeah, The Venture Bros. is the best” are usually met with either ignorance or “F*CK YEAH THEY ARE SPLOOSH HIGH FIVE,” whenever I begin a sentence with “I love American Dad!” I always have to elaborate, “It’s the least Seth MacFarlane-y of all of Seth MacFarlane’s shows…he only does the voice work…it’s not nearly as annoyingly political as it was in the unimpressive early seasons,” and so on.

The show’s never received the respect it deserves (despite killer ratings), and that continues to this day, now that it’s being moved from its comfy post-Family Guy spot on Fox to TBS in late 2014, once it finishes its 10th season.

American Dad! is a great fit for TBS, a favorite of comedy fans who like smart, irreverent humor with ample doses of biting wit and skewering satire,” said Michael Wright, president and head of programming for TBS, TNT, and Turner Classic Movies. “We look forward to welcoming Seth MacFarlane and the rest of his team as they bring this iconic show to TBS.”

The series, from 20th Century Fox Television and producers MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman, will join TBS’ primetime lineup late next year, with its sibling network Adult Swim airing encores of each episode after their initial airing on TBS. The pickup marks an extension of the series on Turner, which currently airs syndicated repeats of American Dad! on TBS and Adult Swim. (Via)

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. Presumably this will allow American Dad!, which has only gotten better with age (as seen here), to air for a few more seasons; otherwise, why would TBS have even bothered? And if it means we’ll get more Patrick Stewart ACTING, that’s fine by me, even if I have to keep explaining myself.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)