‘American Gods’ Explains The First Rule Of Flying In A New Teaser Clip

Starz’ adaptation of American Gods keeps looking better and better, from the first trailer to the opening credits. And now we’re getting another look at the show, with a bit straight from the book.

The scene shows Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and his cellmate Low Key (Jonathan Tucker) building birdhouses while Low Key expands on the most important advice one can offer travelers: Don’t mess with the people in airports. It more or less draws the dialogue directly from the book, but gives the scene a bit more panache than you found in the book, where it was more of a memory than a detailed scene. It also, depending on who you ask, gives away some of the game, although really that game is given away if you know your Norse at all.

It also gives us an idea of how the show will tackle the book, which is a dense take on both Americana and a bundle of various mythologies. It’s a faithful approach to the scene from Bryan Fuller, who brings several of his Hannibal directors on board to handle the show, but it also makes it a bit more dynamic. We’ll see just what, if anything, is changed when the show premieres April 30th.

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