The Five Most Important ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Fan Theories


After a bit of a slow start, this season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse has mostly been entertaining, but whether or not can it avoid the usual pitfalls and end on a satisfying note for fans remains to be seen. We’ve now seen glimpses of the past and the future, but how the two will connect — as well as how Mallory, Dinah, Coco, and Bubbles wound up in Ms. Venable’s bunker with seemingly no memory of the coven — is still largely a mystery. But as we cruise into tonight’s penultimate episode of the season, hopefully the pieces will finally start coming together.

In the meantime however, all we can do is speculate. For example, given Cordelia’s flashback to the post-apocalypse and now that her coven is onto the fact that Michael Langdon is indeed the antichrist, will the witches be able to stop the series of events put in motion that cause the nuclear bombs? Or will the apocalypse proceed as destined and Mallory brings the entire planet back with her powers of resurrection? And if Mallory is as powerful as Michael, who is the spawn of the devil, does that mean she’s technically the second coming of Jesus Christ? It’s a lot to chew on!

And yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With so many pieces on the board, really, it’s anyone’s game at this point. Not surprisingly, fans have a lot of ideas about which direction the season is going, many of which can be found in the annals of Reddit.

1. Did the evil little girl from Asylum grow up to be Mead?

An interesting and very possible theory. In the second season of American Horror Story, a mysterious little girl is dropped off at Briarcliff by her mother, who believes she killed someone. As one commenter pointed out, the timeline would put her right around Mead’s age.

2. Mallory is neither the savior nor the next supreme, but the Greek goddess Hecate.

One Redditor made the connection to Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy who previously made an appearance in Coven:

I believe Mallory is housing the goddess Hecate, not sure however if Mallory knows this. The goddess Hecate rules witchcraft, necromancy specifically, the moon, & magic itself. The theory is witches originated from druids which were apostles of Hecate to begin with. Hecate taught the druids witchcraft & it has been passed down by bloodline since. this is why Fiona calls on Hecate when she was taking down the witch hunters. They draw their powers from hecate’s light because she is their source

First to her style, Mallory’s wardrobe consists of laurel crowns & tiara like headwear, she sports jewelry in the form of moons & the stars, earthy style dresses in black or white. Mallory’s style is less witchy & more ethereal than the other girls. One scene that specifically stands out is when Mallory heals the doe & is wearing hunting boots, a maiden like dress & the laurel crown much like Hecate uniform. She heals a doe which is a sacred animal of Artemis one of Hecate known companions

3. Or she’s an angel?

You can’t rule it out!

I’m very curious to see what kind of powers angels possess if this is true. We really don’t know much about them. The only angel we’ve seen so far was the Angel of Death in Asylum. While she didn’t do much besides help souls to the afterlife, the demon/Satan inside of Mary Eunice was NOT pleased with her being there. Similar to how Michael reacted to Mallory.

4. Emily and Timothy are Kit Walker’s spiritual children from Asylum.

Viewers never did get to find out what the deal was with Emily and Timothy, the young couple introduced at the beginning of the season, who were killed off after three episodes. It seems odd to dispose of them after being featured so prominently in the beginning, although not out of character for Ryan Murphy.

So getting it out of the way, Emily and Timothy are clearly the Adam and Eve figures. Two people brought to a relative paradise with strict rules and risk of exile if they do not follow these. All of the other purples are either gay, presumably to old to have children or have no obvious partner (Coco). We also see them in the trailer being watched from above by Rubberman (who is very likely Tate/Michael/The Devil) while they use a very blatantly Apple laptop. The biblical imagery isn’t subtle.

That said- in Asylum Arden claims that the Aliens will come back for their experiments. Now this began as a ham fisted theory but as the episode progressed made sense. While they may not be Kits biological ancestors (though I’m not saying their not), Timothy and Emily’s gender and race mirrors Kit’s children. We are told that there’s something special about their DNA and that the bunker will have people who are there either due to genetic makeup or wealth yet, besides Jefferey Bowyer Chapman, we know everyone there is there due to Coco.

5. Cordelia isn’t dying, she’s pregnant.

In the pre-apocalypse timeline, Cordelia believes that she’s dying to make way for the new supreme, who is believed by the coven to be Mallory. Yet, Cordelia also seems to be back to full health and full power in the post-apocalypse timeline.

Could Cordelia’s symptoms – weakness, dizziness, fainting, etc. – be due to pregnancy? It could explain everything but the weird grayish “rot” we saw on her abdomen; though having a diseased mark on her stomach could be a sign of mystical pregnancy as well. Cordelia wanting a child was a big plotline in Coven – she even went so far as to beg for Marie’s help and ended up performing some type of dark magical ritual in an effort to conceive (maybe it just took a while to finally work? She could have had a lover we haven’t seen yet, or it could simply be a case of immaculate conception which would pretty perfectly align with this season). In becoming Supreme, Cordelia was elevated to a type of mother figure over all her witches – or, “her girls” as she calls them. Cordelia’s desire for motherhood is still as strong as ever. She’s fiercely protective and still constantly uses that phrase – “my girls”. Her maternal drive is probably the most integral aspect of her character.

We’ll find out soon enough — hopefully, anyway, if Ryan Murphy doesn’t pull the football out from under us this time, a la Lucy from Peanuts, anyway. For now, you can check out the teaser for tonight’s new episode, “Fire and Reign,” below.