The Five Most Important ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Fan Theories

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11.07.18 2 Comments


After a bit of a slow start, this season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse has mostly been entertaining, but whether or not can it avoid the usual pitfalls and end on a satisfying note for fans remains to be seen. We’ve now seen glimpses of the past and the future, but how the two will connect — as well as how Mallory, Dinah, Coco, and Bubbles wound up in Ms. Venable’s bunker with seemingly no memory of the coven — is still largely a mystery. But as we cruise into tonight’s penultimate episode of the season, hopefully the pieces will finally start coming together.

In the meantime however, all we can do is speculate. For example, given Cordelia’s flashback to the post-apocalypse and now that her coven is onto the fact that Michael Langdon is indeed the antichrist, will the witches be able to stop the series of events put in motion that cause the nuclear bombs? Or will the apocalypse proceed as destined and Mallory brings the entire planet back with her powers of resurrection? And if Mallory is as powerful as Michael, who is the spawn of the devil, does that mean she’s technically the second coming of Jesus Christ? It’s a lot to chew on!

And yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With so many pieces on the board, really, it’s anyone’s game at this point. Not surprisingly, fans have a lot of ideas about which direction the season is going, many of which can be found in the annals of Reddit.

1. Did the evil little girl from Asylum grow up to be Mead?

An interesting and very possible theory. In the second season of American Horror Story, a mysterious little girl is dropped off at Briarcliff by her mother, who believes she killed someone. As one commenter pointed out, the timeline would put her right around Mead’s age.

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