‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Is Reportedly Hiding Another Major Pop Star For A Surprise Appearance In The Coming Season

As the latest season of American Horror Story comes closer to its release date, the fans are kicking it into overdrive theorizing about what to expect from the new season. Few details are known about Cult outside of the fact that it’s somehow tied to the 2016 election, a horrifying clown theme, and that regulars like Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will feature prominently. However, some internet sleuths may have uncovered quite scoop (if true): Cult could be featuring none other than the eternal diva Cher.

American Horror Story has brought in pop stars before, between Stevie Nicks for Coven, Lady Gaga for Hotel and Roanoke, and Adam Levine for Asylum, and Cher has an Oscar win under her belt, so she’s more than up to the challenge. Plus, when you look at the evidence presented, it is not the most ludicrous leap. Cher herself tweeted about a mysterious project with a timeline that lines up, and the singer’s son, Chaz Bono, is also confirmed to appear in the series after making his debut in Roanoke.

Additionally, the confirmed Cult cast attended Cher’s Vegas show last week. Now, no one needs an excuse to see a Cher show other than the fact that it’s a Cher show, but it could be a fun nod to her alleged appearance.


The final nail in this theory coffin is a post from the fan forum ARTL featuring a behind the scenes picture featuring a chair that might have Cher’s name on it. The image is a little too blurry to see, but it’s not outside of the realm of possibility. We’ll have to wait until the new season starts on September 5th to see if Cher will really turn back time on Cult, but one can only hope that she’ll be bringing her Trump-hating realness to what will definitely be a politically charged season.

(Via Elite Daily)