Evan Peters Makes For The Perfect Andy Warhol With His Take On ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

Entertainment Writer

We now have our first look at Evan Peters in one of his famous cult get-ups that we’ll soon see in an episode of American Horror Story: Cult. While the season is beginning to make sense plot-wise, the show can be a little heavy handed with some of the political commentary. Where he does hit a home run is with the horror portion of the show, with this season taking the sadistic nature of the series to different levels.

It also seems like it will do justice to the past versions of famous cult leaders played by Peters, serving as a reminder of the Hotel season’s serial killer dinner party — also featuring Peters deep in character. While the actor will also take on Charles Manson, David Koresh, and Jim Jones during the future episode, the one that stood out was Andy Warhol and the “cult” that surrounded him at The Factory. Tim Stack with Entertainment Weekly shared Peters as the legendary artist on Twitter and the results are pretty stunning:

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