The Official Poster For ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Has A Literal ‘Hive Mind’ Theme To It

By now you may have seen the above first teaser FX released for its upcoming 2016 election-themed season of American Horror Story: Cult, which features some Juggalo-ass looking clowns with a red and black color palette, as well as a brand spankin’ new interactive website with more clowns and bees, of all things. How clowns and bees factor into a season that revolves around politics and a cult is still a mystery, but perhaps a clue can be gleaned from the first official poster, which dropped earlier today.

Hive mind, get it? Speaking of that interactive website, on Wednesday the second week of clues were released to fans, which appears to give a first good glimpse of what appears to be Evan Peters’ blue-haired character Kai and Sarah Paulson’s Ally (names according to Ryan Murphy on Twitter), who apparently play lovers in the upcoming season.

If anyone is wondering about the gore factor of the upcoming season, this week Ryan Murphy gave us a little peek behind the curtain to that as well, and to anyone not getting their skull-popping fix satiated from Twin Peaks, let’s just say — has he got something for you.

Lastly, we now know the titles of the first four episodes starting on Tuesday, September 5th, which are “Election Night,” “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark,” Neighbors from The Hell,” and “11/9,” respectively. Which … Holy moly. Does that mean that the first four episodes take place over the course of just two days? That’s an impressive feat, even for Ryan Murphy. (And also perhaps reminiscent of season five of Orange is the New Black.)

Either way, this season is chalking up to be something different, indeed.