‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Has A Creepy Election-Themed Opening Credits Sequence

One of the biggest complaints with the top-secret sixth season of American Horror Story (aside from the lack of Evan Peters) was that Roanoke completely eschewed the popular opening credits sequence and theme song, which had been a staple of previous seasons. Well fear not because, despite Ryan Murphy teasing fans earlier this summer, the opening sequence for the election and clown-themed season is back with a vengeance featuring a retooled, slowed down version of the familiar theme song.

Sure, there may be no “naked androgynous clowns with giant boot-wearing legs for a dick” as we saw in Freak Show — and overall few clowns of any kind, surprisingly, given what we’ve seen of the season so far — but the sequence does feature a good amount of blood and gore intertwined with patriotic imagery, more bees, creepy people wearing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks, and at one point, a dead dog.

In other words, so much for hopes that the season would downplay the Clinton and Trump aspects, as what we’ve heard sort of waffles on whether or not our current president and his opponent would appear as characters. (Also, bad news for those triggered by violence to animals, apparently?) We’ll just have to wait and find out when the season premieres on FX September 5th at 10:00 p.m.