‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Has A New Preview That Descends Into Goth-Themed Clown Madness

The final countdown for American Horror Story: Cult is on, as the election- and clown-themed season finally premieres next week, and FX has released what will probably be the final look before the premiere so fans can get themselves worked up into a frenzy. The minute-long clip doesn’t exactly take us into any new territory, as it’s chock full of the same goth clown “Juggalo wannabe” imagery we’ve seen before — interspersed with some scenes we’ve previously seen in the official trailer. If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, this season should go over superbly with people who shop at Hot Topic.

Series creator Ryan Murphy previously said of the “election” theme this season, “Yes, the jumping-off point of the show is election night, and the characters have very strong points of view about Trump and Clinton, but it really is not about them. It really is about the rise of a cult of personality that can rise in a divided society.” He also added that writing the season was cathartic for him, and that he’s been coping with “a lot of rosé wine.” Him and us, both.

The new chapter of American Horror Story airs on September 5 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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