The First ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Poster Reveals Angela Bassett’s Three Boobs

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08.28.14 17 Comments

FX has released the first official poster for American Horror Story: Freak Show and HOOO BOY, it does not disappoint. Kathy Bates is the bearded lady! Michael Chiklis is the strong man! Jessica Lange is, uhhhh, a lady without any arms! Click here to see a high res version so you can zoom in on all of the subtle details, but first there’s something we need to discuss.

Angela Bassett’s character on Freak Show has three boobs. I can only imagine the “holding his pee” dance Ryan Murphy has been doing for the past several weeks as to not spill THAT juicy tidbit. Anyway, here’s the full poster below. What do you guys think #WirSindAlleFreaks means??

There’s also another teaser out in addition to the one released late yesterday, that I wrote about this morning. Oh, so you know what I was just saying about how American Horror Story teasers rarely have anything to do with the actual plot? Well apparently this one does — which features a woman eerily trapped in a birdcage while an unseen tattooed man stands ominously over her.

(See bottom left of the cast poster.)

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