Here Are Some Major New Details For ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11
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Ryan Murphy and the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel revealed a goldmine of details about the upcoming season at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Friday, just after FX dropped the news that the series will be premiering  on October 7. Executive producer Brad Falchuk said that this season will more have a “trapped” feeling to it, much like Murder House or Asylum, although not all of the action will be taking place at the titular hotel.

“It’s a little less claustrophobic,” he said. “It’s a little more open. I feel like the first season intentionally trapped you in that house in a very specific way. This season, the horror is sneaking out of the hotel. The hotel is the center, but it’s kind of dripping out. It’s much more noir-y and moody in that way.”

This is certainly optimistic news, because Murder House and Asylum were arguably the best seasons of the series, whereas Freak Show and Coven were much weaker.

During the panel, some major details were also revealed about the main cast:

  • Lady Gaga: Owner of the hotel named Elizabeth who carries on relationships with Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, and Angela Bassett’s respective characters. Ryan Murphy describes her as “a very wealthy social doyenne, who is consumed with art and fashion and people,” who has a “nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode.” In other words, that’s pretty much A confirmation that Lady Gaga is the new Jessica Lange.
  • Angela Bassett: Famous actress named “Ramona Royale” who doesn’t live at the hotel, but visits often, and will be involved in some sort of love triangle with Lady Gaga and Finn Wittrock.
  • Kathy Bates: Runs the hotel for Lady Gaga, does crossword puzzles in her spare time, and is enemies with Sarah Paulson’s character. Soooo… the same character she played in Freak Show?
  • Sarah Paulson: Aside from being Kathy Bates’ nemesis, lives at the hotel and has “a thing” with Wes Bentley’s character.
  • Finn Wittrock: Playing a male model named “Tristan Duffy,” (lololololol) because Finn Wittrock is only allowed to have the most ridiculous character names on American Horror Story.
  • Denis O’Hare: Will be a bartender named “Liz Taylor” working at the hotel bar, the Blue Parrot Lounge, who is inspired by the films of Elizabeth Taylor. The role apparently required him to shave his head and most of his body.
  • Wes Bentley: “Detective John Lowell, married to Chloe Sevigny’s character Alex Lowell. He’ll apparently be investigating “some grisly murders” which leads him to check into the hotel. Possibly related is that the two characters will have recently experienced a great loss in the family.

I’m still not over the fact that Finn Wittrock’s character’s name is “Tristan Duffy.” This season better be the most stupid fun ever.

(Via TV Line)