Lily Rabe Will Play A Serial Killer On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ And This Is Very Good News

Well, this is a promising American Horror Story: Hotel casting scoop. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Lily Rabe is being brought back to play “a famous murderer” who checks in this season. This is excellent news, as Rabe is at her best playing crazy and/or evil. Although she’s technically appeared on every season of American Horror Story, Rabe only had a cameo in Freak Show reprising her role of season two’s Sister Mary Eunice (pre-demonic possession), and her absence was definitely noticed.

I guess this means that one of the former characters “checking in” won’t be Nora Montgomery, as I previously predicted. So, who those former characters will be is anyone’s best guess. Just please don’t make it Neil Patrick Harris’ Chester because he was the wooooooorst. (Sorry, NPH.)

(Via Entertainment Weekly)