Denis O’Hare Reveals The Going Rates At ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

09.06.15 4 years ago

American Horror Story: Hotel is still in production, gearing up for an October 5th premiere. While this will be the first season without veteran Jessica Lange, it’s our first season with Lady Gaga, who will be welcomed by many returning favorites. One of those actors coming back is Denis O’Hare, who has been going all out season after season, playing some of the most wicked and troubling — and troubled — characters. This season, he’s playing the cross-dressing Liz Taylor, who is not the actress Elizabeth Taylor, but a bartender at the Hotel Cortez who is “inspired by the films” of the icon.

But what about the Hotel Cortez? We have an idea of who’s staying there, but how much does it cost to spend a night in this creepy crib?

O’Hare provided a subtle glimpse at his character while holding up a card stating the going rates for rooms: Single rooms, $30 per day; double rooms, $65 per day; and parlor suites are $90 a day. If that seems cheap, remember that some of this season’s story is told in the 1930s when the hotel is being built.

Clearly this means that one of the additional creepy, scary elements about this season of American Horror Story will be inflation. ::shudder::

Source: MTV News

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