‘American Horror Story’ Gave Us Another Big Twist In The Blood-Soaked Penultimate Episode

A couple of weeks ago I predicted that Lee would end up being the sole survivor of the second part of this season of American Horror Story, and that — as a suspected murderer already — everyone would just assume that she went crazy and killed everyone. Well, I was somewhat right! Lee did, in fact, end up being the sole survivor, but in a bizarre twist, she also really did go crazy and kill everyone (well, not everyone, but like, several people!), including her ex-husband Mason, as we learned last week.

Lee ended up following in the footsteps of the Butcher and consuming a pig heart given to her by the not-Lady Gaga Scathach, which made her go all Super Saiyan and murder most of the remaining survivors following a failed escape plan at the Polk house. So what does this mean for Lee? Eating the pig heart transformed the Butcher from a sad, ostracized lady into a vicious murderer, and Lee was already a murderer when she ate the heart. This turn sets up the season finale, in which Lee presumably goes on trial for her crimes and is interviewed by Sarah Paulson’s Asylum character, Lana Winters. Other than that, I have literally no predictions for what’s going to happen next. This has been a solid season and I am excited to see how Ryan Murphy wraps this up.

This episode also introduced a few new (and short-lived) characters with a trio of millennial ghost hunters on the quest to “go viral” by filming on the property during the blood moon. Predictably, things do not go great for them, despite adding 20,000 new Instagram followers and trending on Twitter. Speaking of which, here’s a rundown of who we said goodbye to this episode.


The actor who played the Butcher’s son had been sent by Sidney to “shake things up” at the house, but of course this was before Sidney and most of the cast had been brutally murdered. Despite being a military veteran who survived a tour in Iraq, Dylan was no match for the Roanoke property, experiencing one of the more unpleasant deaths this season. Having incredibly survived multiple stab wounds from one of the remaining Polks, Dylan somehow made his way back to the house, where he was gutted and disemboweled by… Lee? The Butcher? After rewatching the episode I’m still unclear, not that it particularly matters much.


Possessed Lee comes back to the house where she finds Audrey and Monet hiding, and despite the fact that Lee was armed and spouting creepy gibberish, or, “standing there with [her] cleaver, saying weird shit,” they were not particularly alarmed. This resulted in Monet getting pushed down the stairs by Lee and getting impaled on a broken piece of wood. RIP Monet!

The Millennials

Yeah, these three, Sophie (Taissa Farmiga, finally making her debut), Todd (Glee alum Jacob Artist), and Milo (Jon Bass), should have probably not come back to the property after discovering a ghost and then the dead body of said ghost in the episode’s cold open. Todd met his demise at the business end of Lee’s cleaver, whereas Sophie and Milo were not so fortunate, being impaled on stakes and burned alive by the colonists, now led by the possessed Lee.


In a very Night of the Living Dead-esque twist, when cops arrive to the scene of carnage the morning after the blood moon, they first find Lee, who now appears to be Lee again (emphasis on “appears”) and Audrey, who survived being chopped in the shoulder and pushed down into the cellar. But when Audrey catches sight of Lee, who she still perceives to be a threat, she pulls out her gun and is promptly shot down by police. Her character was one of the best things about this season and she will be missed.

Random thoughts:

– Shout out to Rhett Snow, the Uber driver, who returned this episode. Is he literally the only Uber driver in this town?

– It seems odd that with the show within a show, My Roanoke Nightmare being such a runaway hit, that the property would be crawling with amateur ghost hunters, internet fame wannabes and other random fans.

– Minor quibble, but how did it get dark so fast at the Polk compound? It was daylight when they arrived, and although Audrey and Lee were only in the house for a matter of minutes it was pitch black by the time they left.

– Who calls their penis a “johnson” anymore? Classic Milo.