Ryan Murphy Is Teasing A ‘Red White And Blue’ Clue For The ‘American Horror Story’ Election Season

We’re still probably about four or five months away from the seventh season of American Horror Story, which we know is going to somehow revolve around the 2016 United States presidential election, but already, Ryan Murphy just can’t resist dropping clues. In stark contrast to how he handled the super secret sixth season, American Horror Story: Roanoke, the horror anthology creator is talking about the “completely batshit” upcoming season whenever he gets a chance.

Earlier this month Murphy teased season seven with the above monstrous literal embodiment of the Republican party, and now he’s dropped another “red, white, and blue clue” in the form of … a bad Manic Panic dye job?

No one is quite sure what can be read into someone “bluing” themselves, but comments on the post predictably range from “Is that Evan?” to “Evan?” and “Looks like evans hair… hmm…” with at least one “JUSTICE FOR SCREAM QUEENS” thrown in for good measure. (Fox recently announced that it was not picking Murphy’s horror-comedy up for the 2107 fall season.)

If past seasons are any indication, we can probably expect a near constant stream of leaks and teases leading up to the season, which will eventually have little or nothing to do with the actual season itself. It’s why Ryan Murphy is still the best hype man in the TV biz.

(Via Deadline)