Here Is Every ‘Matt’ That Was Said In ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’

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If American Horror Story: Roanoke left us with a few succinct takeaways, it would probably have to be all of the head smashings. Or maybe the cannibalism? It’s hard to say, with so many fond memories from this season! But if the sixth season of American Horror Story will be remembered as being synonymous with anything, it would probably have to be a certain character’s name. “Matt” was uttered over and over and over again this season, mostly by Lily Rabe’s whiny Shelby and Sarah Paulson’s nasal portrayal of Shelby as the British actress Audrey; but Adina Porter, Angela Bassett, Cheyenne Jackson, and Sarah Paulson as Audrey also got their fair share of “Matts” in as well.

Like Ryan Murphy’s other FX series, American Crime Story, “Matt” was (partially) portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr., however unlike American Crime Story, and more specifically, the failed Quest for 100 Juices, “Matt” was uttered well over 100 times, as you can see in this painstakingly edited supercut from the YouTube channel Celluloid. Hey, at the very least it will make for one hell of a drinking game if anyone has the stomach to rewatch this gory season. It’ll be the fastest way to get drunk next to butt chugging.

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