‘American Horror Story’ Has Given Us An Eight-Legged Teaser For Season 6

08.21.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

FX just released a brand new teaser for American Horror Story’s upcoming season and, while it isn’t answering any questions, the new promo will teach you not to sleep with your mouth open.

Season 6 of AHS is shrouded in mystery. Fans have been losing their minds for the past month or so as creator Ryan Murphy has dropped teaser after teaser, hinting at what the theme for the latest installment in the horror anthology might be. We’re fourteen promos in now and still no closer to understanding’s Murphy’s mad genius but this latest preview does prove one thing: the guy gets off on giving us nightmares.

The short clip that debuted over the weekend shows a furry tarantula crawling its way out of a woman’s mouth. This isn’t the first time Murphy’s used that kind of imagery to creep fans out — remember the snake promo from season three’s Coven? — but it doesn’t make this teaser any less haunting. Pair it with the odd humming in the background and you’ve got pure nightmare fuel.

FX is pretty determined to keep season six of AHS under a tight lid so you won’t pull much out of this new clip or any of the clips we’ve seen to this point. Just earlier this month, the network’s CEO, John Landgraf, told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that most of the teasers were misdirects with only one promo revealing the true theme of the latest installment. Of course, fans have taken to the internet to share their frustration and theories on what Murphy’s planning for season six — the return of the Antichrist figure from season one, alien abductions, and a lost 16th century colony top the list — but it looks like we may have to wait until September to get our official answer.

(Via Variety)

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