The Latest ‘American Horror Story’ Teaser Might Have You Saying ‘Not The Bees!’

The upcoming season of American Horror Story: Cult is, if nothing else, doing a good job of combining all of the things people hate the most, namely: clowns, bees, and the 2016 presidential election. The latest teaser that came out over the weekend has two of those elements, featuring a clown that blows up a balloon that’s filled with — wait for it — bees.

That was the second teaser that was released over the weekend — the first depicting some kind of bizarre clown ritual, surrounding a half naked woman (?) in the middle of the group. (Do these clowns remind anyone else of the Turok-Han from Buffy the Vampire Slater?)

Also worth noting was the fan meetup in Philadelphia on Friday that we previously mentioned, where attendees stood in line for a selection of swag and a code to unlock more locked content on the interactive fan site. And from the looks of it, Twisty the Clown is indeed going to factor heavily into the seventh season.

It was like fifty, sixty years ago. Right here. On this spot. A deranged [BLANK] attacked a couple on a picnic, just like you and me. He hacked the dude to death. They say you can tell it’s him by [BLANK] Because half [BLANK] shotgun [BLANK]

You’re an asshole.

To this day, he’ll appear if you say his name three times in a row. [BLANK]…

Obviously, the story being referenced is Twisty’s introduction to season four’s Freak Show, and the mythology of his failed suicide attempt. As to whether or not he’ll appear if his name is said three times in a row, well … we know that in the end of that season, he went off with Edward Mordrake and his menagerie of ghost Freak Show performers, so that much remains to be seen. This is American Horror Story, after all, so anything is possible.