Americans Don’t Care About the Royal Wedding

04.25.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

Last week, NBC decided to scale back coverage of the royal wedding after polling suggested that Americans don’t care about a balding guy who scored a kinda-hot chick because he’s a wealthy-ass prince. This week, the New York Times has published the numbers that prove it: only 6% are following the nuptials “very closely,” with another 22% following it “somewhat closely.”

Women are paying much more attention to the wedding than are men, particularly older women. A third of women under 40 are following news of the wedding at least somewhat closely, as are more than 4 in 10 women who are 40 or older. In comparison, half of men are not following news of the wedding at all.

The study also showed that the royal wedding is most popular among single women over the age of 40 with three or more cats, almost all of whom intend to dress their cats up to role-play the wedding. Well, not really, but it seems like a pretty safe assumption.

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