America’s 10 Favorite TV Personalities Reveal A Country Split In Two

01.19.14 4 years ago 27 Comments

mr. wrong

There’s Internet beloved and real-life beloved. For instance, Community has a massive following on the Internet, but say the words “E Pluribus Anus” in public, and you’ll be met with confused looks and a security guard leading you out the door. Of the 10 names on this year’s Harris Poll favorite TV personalities list, I’d say only two count as Internet beloved, five are real-life beloved, and three are somewhere in-between.

Ellen Degeneres is currently preparing to host the Oscars, which should please the majority of the nation’s viewers who chose her as their favorite TV personality [according to the Harris Poll]. Coming in second was NCIS star Mark Harmon, with The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart in third. Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory and The Tonight Show host Jay Leno were four and five, respectively, and Stephen Colbert, Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams and Steve Harvey rounded up the top 10. (Via)

Now, if you were to poll JUST the Internet, then Alison Brie would be #1-9, followed by Fat Betty GIF at #10.


I like that list more.

Via the Hollywood Reporter

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