Amy Poehler On The 100th Episode Of ‘Parks And Rec’: ‘This Is Not A Goodbye, It’s The Halfway Point’

The 101st episode of Parks and Recreation will air tonight and despite the show’s social media accounts’ best attempts to spoil it all, we’ll all be pretty happy to watch Leslie Knope get back to doing what she does best – trying to fix Pawnee’s parks while every idiot in town interferes. But before we dive into No. 101, we can celebrate the 100th episode one more time with this video of NBC Entertainment Chairman Jack Donaghy, I mean Bob Greenblatt, showrunner Michael Schur and Amy Poehler sharing their thoughts on the success of Parks and Rec.

Schur refused to call the success of the show a miracle, because he knew that with this cast it could always be something great, but Poehler’s words were perhaps the most positive, as she playfully jabbed at Greenblatt over the show’s numbers and called this milestone what we all hope it is – the halfway point.

One nitpick: Only 16 appearances by Jean Ralphio? That’s about 84 too few. Let’s work on increasing that in the next 100 episodes, or we should just go ahead and launch that Jean Ralphio spinoff already.