Amy Poehler Is ‘Avengers-Style Ready’ To Be Leslie Knope In A ‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion

05.12.19 1 month ago


Amy Poehler hasn’t officially been Leslie Knope since Parks and Recreation ended its 7-season, 125-episode run in 2015. But much like a superhero in times of peace, she’s still got the suit in the back of her closet.

The actress and director has plenty of other projects going on — including Wine Country, which just hit Netflix over the weekend — but the specter of Parks and Recreation remains for the actress who made Knope everyone’s favorite midwestern bureaucrat. Much like another show that Mike Schur played a part in (The Office), Parks and Rec is still beloved by fans.

And there’s plenty of interest in bringing the show back in some capacity. If you’ve seen the show, you know its seventh season was essentially demanded by fans after writers had found logical endings for the show in Season 6. But even after things got wrapped up, there seems to be interest from those that made the show in getting the band back together.

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