Amy Poehler Magically Freestyle Rapped About Butter And Paula Deen On Comedy Bang! Bang!

Being awesome BFFs with Tina Fey at the Emmys? Check. Impersonating her son’s lisp out on national television? Check. Hosting an Emmys loser party with Jon Hamm for charity? Check.

But it seems like there’s one missing piece to the puzzle for Amy Poehler to properly promote Parks and Recreation Season 6. You guessed it: Spitting hot freestyle fire about butter on the “Comedy Bang! Bang!” podcast.

She goes on after friend of the program Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins as Alan Thick. So roughly the 4:40 mark if you want to skip ahead to Amy. I suggest sticking around for head CBB writer Neil Campbell afterwards though.

Wonderfully NSFW audio ahead.

Earwolf via Vulture