Amy Poehler Says She’s Ready For A ‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion

12.11.18 9 months ago 4 Comments


The final episode of Parks and Recreation aired nearly four years ago, so it’s about time that the Internet begins to focus on a possible reunion. Unlike pop culture’s daily struggle to convince Steve Carell to go back to The Office, Amy Poehler says she’s ready to return to the Pawnee, Indiana parks department. Like, she just needs a few minutes to change.

Via Variety:

“I am technically available,” Poehler said on Monday at Smart Girls’ 10th anniversary celebration dinner. “I have like six of Leslie’s blazers in my closet, so anytime.”

Perhaps it’s easy for Poehler to say she’s ready to be Knope again considering how much Leslie-like work ethic she’s applied this year. She hosted a reality crafting completion, wrote and directed a couple things for Netflix and produced a few projects as well. If someone who works that much considers herself available for a reunion, that’s a great sign.

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