Here’s A Never Before Seen Video Of Amy Poehler Rapping With Tina Fey And Lindsay Lohan

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09.28.12 10 Comments

With no explanation whatsoever, this grainy home video of Amy Poehler spitting hot fire over the Kevin G rap from Mean Girls has surfaced today. Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan, and some rando I can’t place serve as hype men in the background of what looks to be hotel room and/or porn set. We can only assume this is from 2004.

I’m a little old and masculine (think pantsless Jon Hamm in his mom’s basement) to hold Mean Girls in the esteem some people do (looking at you, Tumblr) but I do think it’s a good movie and undeniably fascinating thanks to the divergent life/career paths the star of the film has taken from pretty much every other person involved. Hell, even Lacey Chabery is doing respectable voice work (total misuse of clevage btw).

Watching Poehler and Fey goof around with Lohan knowing what we know now only adds to that fascination. I doubt LL got an invite to their Emmys 2012 after party.

YouTube via Gawker

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