The 'Parks' Scene Too Horrifying To Release Is The Opposite Of Amy Poehler's 'Hot Piece Of Ass' Actress Crush

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Most TV cast panels are either extremely boring or extremely uneventful, or both. But most casts aren’t as lively as the one on Parks and Recreation, who rode the Paley Fest Experience ride last night in Los Angeles. The questions were fairly normal (favorite guest stars, what do you like best about your character, “in episode #45, it’s established that you only wear blue shirts, but in episode #46, you’re clearly seen wearing a green shirt, I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder,” etc.), but the answers were outstanding, because Amy Poehler and Retta drank wine the entire time, Adam Scott took the stage by moonwalking, and Nick Offerman is Nick Offerman. Also, Patton Oswalt moderated.

I would very much like Patton to moderate my life, and for Tatiana Maslany to return to Pawnee.

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