Watch Amy Schumer Riff On Dating In Your 20s For Her HBO Special

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Amy Schumer’s highly anticipated HBO stand-up comedy special doesn’t air (and won’t be available on corresponding platforms) until Saturday at 10 pm. But here’s a preview clip to tide you over, courtesy of E!, about dating in your 20s.

With an exaggerated laugh, Schumer expounds on how much people in their 20s take love for granted. “You’re like, ‘We’re so lucky we found each other. What are all these sad songs about?’ ”

She then likens dating in your 20s to “the tsunami,” with the tide bringing in all these fish “flopping around the shore,” an occurrence that people were at first excited about, running to shore to gather them all up. “That’s like 20s love, you’re like, ‘For me, and me,'” she says.

Then with an expletive and a look skyward, Schumer makes her point about the impending wave signaling heartbreak or some such. “And it murders you… but enjoy it.”

I dare say that most of us will be enjoying Schumer’s HBO special, even if we’re still in our 20s and trying to date (thanks for the optimism!). Let’s hope as well for some more Kardashian digs and incisive gun control jokes like we got when she hosted Saturday Night Live.

(via E!)