Amy Schumer Once Again Kept Red Carpet Censors On Their Toes At The 2016 Emmy Awards

Amy Schumer is attending the 2016 Emmy Awards as she is once again nominated for Inside Amy Schumer, and once again, she brought her sister and writing partner Kim Caramele along as a guest. E!’s Live From the Red Carpet caught the sisters shortly before the ceremony, where Schumer pulled a sequel to her red carpet moment at the 2016 Golden Globes, in which she complained to a squirming Ryan Seacrest about an “itchy vagina.”

This time she encountered not Seacrest but Giuliana Rancic, and just as she was being pulled aside E!’s microphone caught her wishing well to fellow nominee Sarah Paulson, and then something about her not exposing her… well, you know, but this time E!’s censors were ready for her. When Paulson passed by and said something to the effect of “I love you, Amy,” Schumer replied, “I hope you win girl! … I know, we’re just like, ugh, let me not expose my [redacted].”

It wasn’t too hard to put the pieces together though, as when the camera cut to Schumer, Caramele, and Rancic, she clarified: “My clique! My friends!” Ever the professional she is, Rancic of course let it roll right off. After all, if you’re covering the red carpet at a fancy awards show, it’s just kind of a given that Amy Schumer is going to mention her private parts at some point.