Amy Schumer And Her Family Had Special Jackets Made For An Upcoming Episode Of ‘Family Feud’

Amy Schumer stopped by to chat with Seth Meyers about her brand new Netflix standup special aptly titled The Leather Special on Wednesday night, but somehow the topic of conversation veered into something else the Trainwreck star has got in the pipeline. Apparently Schumer and her family recently filmed an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, which will be airing on ABC early this summer.

Despite all of her successes in the past few years, Schumer told Seth of the lifelong dream come true, “I am so excited to announce this, I have never been more proud of anything in my life: I… am going to be on Family Feud.” After pausing for massive applause from the audience, she explained that her family lives for Family Feud. “It’s like the one show, because Jeopardy, you’re watching, you’re like, I don’t know any of this, like I’m an idiot, but Family Feud…”

But don’t expect her family to be one of those “good answer, good answer!” families when someone gives a boneheaded response, which was in this case her brother who was subject to glares and ridicule for his bad answers — as it damn well should be when somebody drops the ball on Family Feud. Schumer’s family was evidently so serious about the Feud that they even got custom-made matching Letterman-style jackets to wear that read “Let’s play the Feud” on the back.

You can catch Schumer’s Leather Special when it premieres on Netflix Tuesday, March 7, but more importantly, her Family Feud episode will probably air sometime in June.