Amy Schumer Shuts Down A Perverted Heckler At Her Stand-Up Show In Sweden

Two minutes into her Wednesday night stand-up show in Stockholm, Sweden, Amy Schumer had to deal with a heckler. Obviously, the comic and actress has been under some scrutiny in recent weeks for the online behavior of a guy who may or may not write for her Comedy Central series that we may or may not ever see again, so you might imagine that a brave bro would try to steal a moment from Schumer’s spotlight to give her hell. However, the heckler in question apparently just thought he was at a strip club.

The coolest guy in the crowd shouted, “Show us your tits!” because that’s just what you do when you’re an adult in public, obviously. Schumer stopped the show to make sure he was singled out by his fellow audience members so she could deal with him directly, which always ends well for the heckler. Here he is, the super cool guy who shouted, “Show us your tits!” at a comedy show in 2016:

Schumer went with the classic approach of first making fun of his career – he’s a sales bro – before she put him in his place. To her credit, she actually let the guy stay, with the agreement that he wouldn’t yell out again, but of course he yelled something stupid. Naturally, he said he was leaving anyway, because that’s just what a cool bro does.