Amy Schumer And Jimmy Fallon Get Weird Explaining The Pictures On Their Phones

Amy Schumer is not off fighting ISIS with the power of comedy, she’s on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, fighting off any judgment that may come from the game “Explain This Photo.” Like many of Fallon’s games, the concept is simple and yet strangely intriguing, as it reveals some dark inner truth about the participants.

We aren’t usually able to (legally) snoop through the photo albums of famous people, but in “Explain This Photo,” Fallon flips his way through Amy Schumer’s various pics on her phone, then makes her explain just what the hell is going on in them. Pigs, butt shots, creepy dolls and some serious “cocaine” abuse is shown, but then we are able to move to Fallon’s phone.

Jimmy Fallon seems like a nice guy — maybe too nice — so it’s interesting to see him laughing maniacally in the parking lot of a Carl’s Jr. that once turned him down for employment as the establishment is in the midst of being torn down. Jimmy clearly has a vengeful streak.

He also had a sweet mustache for a minute, as evidenced by a photo his wife took in the middle of a restaurant in a rare moment of down time for the Tonight Show host.

Now that we’ve delved into the phones of celebrities, it’s probably best to back off and enjoy them from the surface, because they’re pretty weird people, just like us.

(Via The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon)