Amy Schumer Is Done Taking Pictures With Fans Thanks To This Demanding Selfie-Taker

America has a strange relationship when it comes to its celebrities. We tend to treat them like they are public property instead of, you know, human beings. Tabloids, paparazzi and gossip blogs have only worked to ensure that this trend continues on into the future. One would think that western society might have chilled out on the whole thing after Princess Diana’s tragic death, but the tradition continues.

Amy Schumer, the controversial comedian best known for her unabashed and at times graphic talk about female sexuality, is the latest celebrity to get fed up with people’s expectations of her. Hollywood Reporter talks about an incident that happened to Schumer in South Carolina where a fan rushed her to take photos of her, only for Schumer to protest and for his response to be “It’s America and we paid for you.”

Schumer posted a photo of said fan on her Instagram, along with her account of the tale, including that said fan did it in front of his young daughter.

Schumer is probably right and that treating people like that probably isn’t the best message to teach a kid, but it’s doubtful that this dude will care too much about it. She went as far as to say that she won’t take pictures with people anymore because of this guy, and while I’m sure that’ll stick for a while, I get the feeling that the rule might get relaxed at some point. Everyone should take this as an important lesson when it comes to interacting with famous people in public, though; they are just people, like the rest of us, and deserve to be treated as such.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)