An Albuquerque Woman Pulled A Gun On A Comcast Employee Over Unanticipated Fees

07.31.14 12 Comments

It’s a tale as old as time: woman has issues with her cable, service worker comes out to address the problem, woman finds out there will be a fee she didn’t anticipate, woman allegedly steals service worker’s tools and refuses to give them back and then pulls a gun on h-… Hang on. What?

Gloria Baca-Lucero, 48, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon Monday and booked into jail. She was released later that day.

Police say a Comcast serviceman went to do work in Baca-Lucero’s house near San Pedro and San Antonio in the Northeast Heights on Monday, according to the complaint. Baca-Lucero said she thought the work would be free, but the worker told her there would be a fee. She called customer service, and someone on that line also told her she had to pay. [Albuquerque Journal]

According to the complaint, Baca-Lucero then grabbed one of the worker’s tool bags as he was loading them into his truck and proceeded to run into her house. And when the employee followed her back in to retrieve them, she “pulled out a black handgun from her pocket” and pointed it at him. (For what it’s worth, Baca-Lucero claims the worker “left” the tools there and wouldn’t leave her property after she refused to return them, which led to the aforementioned pistol pulling.)

My advice, if I were Baca-Lucero’s lawyer: Let’s take this sucker to trial and introduce that viral customer service call as evidence. It’s not an excuse for pulling a gun on some poor schmoe who was apparently just doing his job, because you should probably try to avoid doing that even if it’s a cable company employee, but, I mean, once the jury hears it…

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