An Important Investigation: Did Ben Savage Get A Nose Job?

It’s been pointed out in a few places around the internet this morning that Ben Savage may or may not have had a nose job — or jobs, if you will. I’m not too invested in this new Girl Meets World reboot because The Wonder Years > Boy Meets World, but if I was, this would be extremely disappointing news, indeed. It’s no fun to see a beloved character with a brand new face, and to me it looks like this new Ben Savage guy is some kind of Frankenstein hybrid of Danny Strong and Jared Padalecki.

Let’s investigate this further with a timeline over the past few years:

April 2007 — this is the face I picture in my head when I think of “Ben Savage.”

April 2008 — something seems off, like he’s more chiseled or something, but it may just be that he lost some weight or started working out.

May 2009 — We’re starting to look a little flatter here; less bulbous.

November 2011 — seems like it’s starting to enter pointy territory.

March 2012 — Again, it looks like we’re seeing a weight fluctuation, but tough to call.

January 2013 — That bowl of Cream of Wheat is even like, WTF is going on with Ben Savage’s face.

March 2014 — AHHHHH! Kill it with fire!!!!! His cheekbones look like they might be altered, too. It seems like there might also be more going on than just the nose.

I mean, people who get work done to conceal the effects of aging, I guess I can kind of understand, but when an actor or actress all of a sudden has a brand new face for no good reason — what is it exactly that they’re going for? Oh hey, remember that face that you associate with my person and have grown comfortable with over the years? Well surprise! Here’s a brand new one. Try not to get too creeped out!

Hope you can enjoy Girl Meets World with this new guy. In the meantime, remember them as they were (terrible ’90s fashion notwithstanding):