An Oscar Winner Is Writing An Episode Of ‘Community’

What if it isn’t Jim Rash? Maybe the GIF and tags are just a major misdirection to get you to think that the Oscar winner in question is Dean Pelton, when, in fact, it’s actually Ron Nyswaner, the guy who wrote Philadelphia. Let’s check the Vulture block quote to see if it’s the guy who wrote Philadelphia.

Vulture hears that Community regular (and Oscar-winner) Jim Rash is writing an upcoming episode of the NBC comedy. The Artist Also Known As Dean Pelton has already been in the Community writer’s room to break the story, which our sources say revolves around an alumni weekend at Greendale. (Via)

Damn, it’s not the guy who wrote Philadelphia, I mean, YAY JIM RASH, and yay alumni weekend plots, which means we’ll maybe see previous incarnations of the Greendale Seven from decades prior. In 20 years, who is Alison Brie going to look like? Mary-Louise Parker, maybe? Chevy is obvious. Ditto the Dean.

Dean Pelton’s Costumes from Anna Robilotta on Vimeo.

(Via Vulture)