And ‘SNL’ Has Fired Its First Castmember This Summer

When you’re almost an even money favorite to be fired, it’s not really much of a shock when it all comes to pass. But here we are, about to enter another season of SNL without the familiar comforts of one Brooks Wheelan.

He didn’t get much play on the show and I was actually kinda hoping he might pull through, but it was all for nothing. He is the first casualty of the SNL off-season.

I know it is in bad taste to takes odds on people losing their jobs. It might be commonplace on Wall Street to gamble with people’s lives, but we’re better here in the reality of the Internet.

I just think everyone sorta knew this was going to happen though. I can only hope he lands on his feet and comes back strong like past SNL cast members who got the axe. At least Chevy Chase never tried to punch or f*ck him.

(Via Deadline / Brooks Wheelan)