And The Big Bad For The Fourth Season Of ‘Justified’ Is … Hill People!

The fourth season of Justified doesn’t premiere for another two months, but slowly, bit-by-bit, pieces of information about it are dribbling out. First there was the teaser trailer, which didn’t really reveal much of anything, but was still pretty important because WHOSE HAND IS THAT? And whose boot? Is Raylan okay?! And where’s Ava?! Tell me more immediately or I will hold my breath UNTIL I DIE. Then later we found out some news about Patton Oswalt’s recurring role as Constable Bob, a cop wannabe who undercuts the state police in the paper-serving racket. Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful. BUT TELL ME ABOUT THE BAD GUYS ALREADY.

Done. (Spoiler-y info ahead.)

In Season 4, we’ll head up into the mountains of Kentucky to meet the hill people, a dangerous backwoods group of ruffians who aren’t all there, if you know what we’re saying. The leader of the group, Cope Entiss, tends to capture and kill any outsiders who trespass into their territory. Turns out, though, that one of the hill people, Mary, recognizes Raylan… and may be related to him. [Zap2It]

Oh God, I want all of this in my eyes right now. I want Raylan to march up into the hills, possibly with Boyd, and start shooting hill people two at a time for offenses ranging from “attempting to kill him” to “just kind of standing there and looking like an asshole.” And I want Winona to come back to town and get all pissy about it, like “Whah won’t you ever chaaaiiiinnge, Rie-lan?,” to which Raylan will respond “Guess I just can’t,” causing Winona to pack up her crap and flee to Lexington or Memphis or Whereverthef-ck Junction in a huff, like she always does. And I want Ava to whack and/or shoot somebody who got lippy, and I want Art to be all “Awwww dangit, Raylan,” and I want Tim to be a sarcastic dick about everything, and I want it all as soon as possible. I don’t think I’m asking too much.

Relevant hill people stock footage: